Side Effects

Common adverse effects can include knee pain for 24- 48 hours or swelling & bruising at either injection site. Apply ice for few hours after if you experience pain at the injection site. To avoid skin "cold burn", wrap the ice in a towel to avoid direct skin contact and use for 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off.

Uncommon or rare adverse effects include dizziness, nausea or feeling generally unwell.

Severe complications, such as infection are very rare. If you suffer worsening knee pain and swelling after 48 hours post-injection, please seek medical advice from OSSM during office hours or an emergency centre after hours. Pain, swelling or skin redness in the first 48 hours post injection is very rarely an infection, and usually due to post-injection inflammation.


While these side effects are uncommon, it's best to plan a more flexible work schedule in the few days after the injection in case you do suffer pain or swelling for a few days

Avoid suddenly increasing your activity as your knee starts to feel better, rather slowly increase activity over a few weeks.